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Fuel For Thought

  • By Raymond Perry
  • 20 Mar, 2017

Fuel tank upgrade

The standard fuel tank on the Frankenwagen holds a paltry 70 Litres which only allows a range of about 280 miles max. In reality, by 175 miles we start to think about topping up.  On a recent trip to Denmark, we passed dozens of them and typically when we needed to stop, there weren't any. We needed to do something about this.
Luckily, the parts van in Martin's unit had more to give and we were able to recycle a rare 110 Litre tank. These were an option from VW when new and we were pleasantly surprised to find it when we were last robbing parts from the van.
Removing it was interesting as it was full to the top with diesel.

The tank was a bit crusty and needed some work before it could be fitted. As it wasn't going to be seen, it was something that could be tackled at home in the garage.  A quick whizz round with a grinder, sand, rust treatment and a couple of rattle cans finished it off.  
We drained the old tank and used a pressure washer to work all the sand and gunk stuck around the filler tube and wheel arch.
The 'new' tank went straight in with no dramas, ready for the Rolling slow T3 meet at Shoreham later that Morning.
A fairly simple job, but messy and the new capacity is going to be fantastic. No more worrying about fuel stops, but the downside will be seeing that first £100 plus pump bill.

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