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  • By Raymond Perry
  • 05 Aug, 2017

Day 1

So finally we have arrived!!
We have been planning this trip for some time and travelled via a 2 day ferry from Hirtshals, Denmark. This in itself was a 20 hour drive from home and an adventure on its own.
Some background info for anyone considering bringing a vehicle to Iceland: There are 2 ways of doing this. You can put it in a container or a flat rack via a commercial shipping company Emskip which leaves from Scotland and then fly out and collect it. This option saves the long drive in Europe, but you'll still need to get it up to Scotland.
If  like us,  you choose the ferry option,  it is a 2 day cruise with cabins provided. There's a couple of restaurant options, a cinema, pool, gym and hot tubs. There is also an option when booking, to stop over at the Faroe Islands. 
Our crossing was pretty flat and the weather was great, having said that, it was sure a great relief to drive off it!

The plan now was to get some fuel, top up the water tanks and get to a supermarket.  There's a strict 3kg food limit that you're allowed to bring in, typically no one checked what we had on board. 
Soon enough, every man and his dog had descended on the only open supermarket in town at Egilsstadir.
We chose to wait in the car park, put the kettle on and get straight first and avoid the crowds at the tills.
We then picked up our 109 euro camping card from the info centre over the road, this allows unlimited camping at 42 selected sites for 28 days and discounted fuel at certain fuel stations.  
After an hour's drive, we hit the dirt on our first F-road. Essentially these are unmade roads that can range from simple dirt roads to rocky and sandy  tracks with some pretty serious river crossings:-)

We found a very nice site that was covered by the camping card and bagged a great spot right by the river with a great view of the midnight sun.

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