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Iceland day 4

  • By Raymond Perry
  • 04 Sep, 2017
Today we were going to tackle the 2nd section of the F910. This has quite a reputation and we were slightly nervous about tackling it as even the Frankenwagen only has 33" tyres and we had limited experience of driving off road. The sign on the track got us worried to say the least.
We spoke to the ranger about the 'new lava' section near Holuraun about 25KM away and we set off. This entire section was deep sand and was pretty straightforward requiring 4wd. 
The original road had been covered with Lava in the eruption of 2014 and you can see where this happened, the new track venturing to the right.   Apparently the road was guarded by armed police for some time after this as there were quite a few Icelandic people visiting to video themselves next to the Lava flows. 
Some of the videos on you-tube look pretty exciting.

I Could imagine being Pierce Brosnan in 'Dante's Peak' trying to outrun the lava.
The journey from Askja to the next Mountain camp took 8 1/2 hours. It was 125 KM, but was very hard work. The track ranged from sand to boulder fields and Lava fields. We were expecting a reasonable amount of traffic as the route was meant to be a popular one amongst over overlanders, but we only saw about 10 other vehicles  on the route.  The scenery was constantly changing and certainly was an amazing experience, it twisted and turned through river crossings until finally we arrived at Nyadular. It was a beautiful campsite at the base of a mountain and a river. The whole area was lush and green with pink flowers by the river.
The campsite at Nyadular
The mountain hut at the campsite. 
These sleep several people, there are kitchen facilities and the warden has detailed hiking maps etc.
The plan for the next day was to get some fuel, pump the tyres back up and head to Lanmannalauger.  Our jump leads were required once more for an adventure bike rider from Germany who had a flat battery.    

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