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Iceland Day 2 and 3

  • By Raymond Perry
  • 08 Aug, 2017
Today we planned to drive the F 910 all the way to Askja. This is a volcano with a mountain lake and a sulphurous hot spring in a crater. The area is in the Highlands and also has a mountain campsite. We'd chatted to an Icelandic chap who gave some advice about tyre pressures and the route and we were  looking forward to a real off road driving challenge. 
Technically these tracks are in fact roads and we are not really off roading at all, but even the locals say they're tough going. 

The track started off fairly easily and it wasn't long before we encountered a broken down T5 4motion. The Italian driver needed some jump leads, but it was soon obvious that he'd got water in the engine from an enthusiastic water crossing. 
The track went through ever changing terrain, fast and flat sections with little corrugations and was pretty tough going. The 90km took about 5 hours. 
We also saw our first 4wd tour bus, these are crazy buses with upgraded suspension and huge tyres. The drivers throw them around like jeeps. The drawback to driving the same routes that these buses take is the massive potholes they make. 
We eventually arrived at the mountain campsite.
The following morning we drove up to the Volcano and walked the 2.5km to the crater. There is  a very smelly, sulphurous yellow coloured lake at the bottom of a smaller crater with a steep path down to it. We didn't brave this as it was raining and looked far too dangerous to tackle.

The mountain campsite. Incidentally this one wasn't included in the camping card scheme, so we had to pay something like £30 for the night. Using the toilet or shower attracts an extra charge!

There was a 6km trail from the campsite that crossed over the river, nice to see some colour up in the mountains. From memory, the site is about 800m above sea level.

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