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Pan European Parts Quest

  • By Raymond Perry
  • 16 Mar, 2017
So after our visit to Brickwerks in January, it may seem that things have been quiet. Behind the scenes there has been much emailing and researching for parts and planning upgrades etc.
I've picked the bike up too and haven't been able to write anything about that or even ride the thing as we've been so busy.
There is an issue with one of the CV joints and since these are pretty rare vehicles, getting spares has been interesting!
The joint is badly worn and could fail at any point, so needs sorting pronto. 
Some of you may remember that we have some spares squirrelled away in Martin's unit on the Danish border and we recently completed the 1600 mile round trip in a Hire van to collect our spare front axle, a rear axle for Martin and 2 long range fuel tanks.
Luckily our friend Jan was on hand and with fellow T3 enthusiast Marcus, was able to use the forklift to load the van for us.
We were going to take the CV joints off this, but as ever, there's always a plan B!
I had posted a parts request on a forum and amazingly, a very kind Austrian chap called Josef, made an impossible find and secured a pair that had been gathering dust in a parts store.

Brickwerks were also able to find some CV boots, which have been no longer available from VW for a number of years.
The boxes of parts have been piling up in the garage now and we started the job list with replacing the Tie rod as it is a relatively straightforward task.
This was an incredibly tight ball joint and was a struggle even for a 'Snap On' ball joint tool.  After a hefty whack on the top, it finally let go.

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