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On a Brickwerks mission

  • By Raymond Perry
  • 10 Jan, 2017

Green lanes and lifts

The summer seems a long way off at the moment, especially with reports of snow storms hitting the UK soon. 
When it comes to preparing for trips and getting those jobs done, allowing a bit of extra time can take the pressure off.
We have our Iceland trip looming in July and I knew there were a few niggles with The Frankenwagen. 
The major problem being a nasty noise coming from the front of the van when in 4wd.
So we made the journey north to Brickwerks near Holmfirth, who are a garage well known for having OCD when it comes to getting stuff right. Also a good excuse to check out Michael's minty Golf Country and have a mooch around on the moors.
They did a service and detailed inspection, a few bits to sort on our return in a couple of months giving time to get some of the hard to find parts. 
The noise was quickly diagnosed as a worn CV joint. 
Not a game changer as we have a spare axle on the Danish border tucked away in Marlow's unit.
Another trip to plan then!

Thanks to Simon Baxter for a great tip for a camp spot!
It was great to find a green lane that we could fit down without having to resort to tree surgery, but tackling the big ruts in the dark was character building.  
Low range 4wd and front difflock got me out ok, not easy without a co-pilot.

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