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Steering box replacement

  • By Raymond Perry
  • 01 Oct, 2017
The steering box on The Frankenwagen had been clonking on the odd occasion since we'd had him and the extreme off road driving in Iceland and the long drive back meant that it had become very noisy. Last weekend we had been at the Adventure Overland show in Stratford-On-Avon and before that, Busfest at Malvern. We couldn't put it off any longer.
First job was to empty the power steering fluid reservoir that is tucked behind the grill. I used a big 100mm syringe and a long piece of tube that reached right down into the supply pipe so that I could extract as much of the fluid as possible.      
Next I removed the steering wheel, switch gear and the ignition lock. Not too difficult, trickiest bit was removing the connectors to the switch gear as the terminals are easy to break.   
After removing the pitman arm, I undid the large 24mm bolts attaching the support bracket to the steering box and 19mm bolts to the chassis. Then  using a long pry bar and a suitable FBH, I managed to wrestle it off.     
This is when patient draining of the power steering fluid reaps rewards. Not much spillage.
After undoing the pipes from the power steering pump, the whole steering box and column pulls out from the bottom. 
I swapped over the steering column after checking the UJ at the bottom was in good shape.
Refitting was pretty much the reverse of how it came out. 
So that was it. Easy peasy.
Be careful when reinstalling the switch gear for reasons stated earlier. Top up power steering fluid and turn the wheel from lock to lock a few times with the vehicle supported on axle stands and the wheels off the ground.  This bleeds the air out of the system. Top up fluid to maximum on the reservoir.

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