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Surrey Hills Christmas Camp

  • By Raymond Perry
  • 12 Dec, 2016

Campervan culture mini meet

Sitting in the van in a pub carpark in the dark with the windscreen wipers going isn't a good start to any camp, especially a hastily arranged xmas 'do' in the middle of the Surrey Hills.
The default spot we had in mind was off the cards and conversations along " yeah I'm sure you'll get through the green lane this way" were slightly worrying and "I have the tree saw in the back too" was hardly confidence inspiring!
We had met up with Dan and Jed with their families and opted for a quick pint in the pub at Coldharbour which miraculously saw all fears of ensuing fibre glass roof injuries disappear. 

After the pub, we followed Jed with his 1 million watt light bar through the green lane mud and eventually got to a small clearing in the forest.
Awnings were wound out and many beers opened. Despite the grim weather we remained outside, buoyed by the Gin and listening to Dan and Jed's adventure stories. These are great times to get together and share these stories and plan new trips.  

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